Hi! I'm Adam. I love to develop software that solves problems and helps businesses make a profit. Email me, adam@acostanza.com

I'm a Full Stack Developer

I started developing websites over 14 years ago when I was frustrated by the firewalls at school. What started out as a simple gaming website morphed into an advanced CMS using PHP, MySQL and vanilla JavaScript with HTML and CSS.

These days I still love to solve problems, but I use technologies like Python and Java 8 to create HTTP APIs that are consumed by React frontends written in TypeScript and utilizing flexbox. Web development has never felt more like legos than it does today.

I'm an Engineer

I have an MS in Mechanical Engineering and a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. I worked in the Robotics Institute for over 3 years developing an epicardial surgical robot that delivered stem cells to the beating heart.

Even while creating physical products I felt myself drawn to the software side of things, creating embedded software in C++ connected to Java GUIs and advanced robotics simulations using Matlab.