From robust backend APIs all the way to frontend user interfaces.

A Boilerplate Authentication API in TypeScript/Express

Jan 18, 2018

Boilerplate code for JWT authentication for a TypeScript Express JSON API delivered over HTTP. Purpose The purpose of this TypeScript module is to make it easy to set up a new authenticated Express API without having to write all the code that allows user login, authentication, JWT handling, changing passwords, etc. There are many ways […]

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Testing an HTTP JSON API with Python

Jan 1, 2018

In this post I will go over a Python module I made that makes it really easy to test HTTP JSON APIs and print a pretty result in the terminal. I made this module really for myself as I create some new APIs using TypeScript and express. I originally dabbled a bit with Mocha and […]

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Incredibly Simple Flat File CMS with Google Sheets and PHP

Nov 18, 2017

Update: A more comprehensive PHP CRUD API in just one file which can be used with React or Angular SPAs. I wrote one of my earlier posts about an Angular Flat File CMS and wanted to follow through on the ideas of that post. At the time, I did not realize how powerful Google Sheets […]

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Business Process Automation with Python

Oct 31, 2017

In any business there will always be an extensive list of tasks that must be repeated, whether it is paying your bills on time, processing an excel spreadsheet exported from a random program, or even accessing an outdated system just to manually copy certain values in a spreadsheet. It can be quite a mess, so […]

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Angular 4 App with Photon IoT Colorimeter

Oct 17, 2017

I previously wrote about building an Iot Analog Colorimeter with the Particle Photon and Python and then subsequently training a naive machine learning classifier with sklearn. I thought it would be fun to expand upon those posts and connect the Iot Colorimeter to an Angular 4 app. This will be a very simple example where […]

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Airing TV Show API with Python, PostgreSQL, nginx, and Docker

Oct 13, 2017

Let’s up the ante from last time and introduce PostgreSQL into the mix, enabling us to add tv shows to a database table. What is special about this set up is that we are using a separate Docker container for Python, PostgreSQL, and nginx, which means that as long as you have Docker set up […]

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API with Python Flask-RESTful and Docker with nginx

Oct 10, 2017

I’ve enjoyed using Python to create simple APIs, such as the one for the SMS Marketing Tool I previously posted on. I am writing this post to share the way I have been developing these APIs with Flask-RESTful using Docker containers and nginx. Using Docker enables you to easily deploy your application on any Linux […]

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An Extremely Simple Angular App for SMS Marketing

Oct 3, 2017

Requirements A way to send SMS messages to subscribers for marketing purposes Only authorized users should be able to send messages Proposed Solution A very simple application in which an authorized user may send SMS via a single form. First the user must login: Following login the authenticated user is greeted by a simple form […]

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CanActivate Route Guarding with Auth0/JWT Authentication in Angular 4

Sep 15, 2017

In a previous post I went over how to authenticate an Angular 4 app using PHP sessions and flat files. While that is definitely a method that will work, I wanted a bit more of a robust authentication method that doesn’t require files on your server at all other than the application itself. Auth0 is […]

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Automatic Form Generation from JSON Content with Angular 4

Sep 4, 2017

As a part of Building an Angular 4 CMS with Flat Files I knew it would be important to generate forms to enable administrators to edit website content. You could make individual forms for every page or piece of content, but I find if you put the right work in upfront you can create much […]

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