I create both full stack web applications as well as small proof of concepts that require low upfront time investment.

TV Tracking Mobile App with React Native in TypeScript

April 2018

After creating a web app and flat file CMS, I figured it was about time to learn some simple mobile development. Since I was already familiar with React for frontend development, I knew that React Native was a clear next step in creating mobile applications.

I wanted to start simple, so I built upon a previous project in which I made a very simple web application for tracking tv shows (see below). This mobile application simply reads from the flat file API created for the web application and highlights which shows are airing that day. This way, I can just check my phone very quickly to determine what is airing that night.

TV Tracking Web App with React in TypeScript and PHP

May 2018

In order to know what shows are airing I created a very simple TV Tracking web app that uses React in TypeScript to query a simple JSON file with show names. It then takes those show names and resolves episodes and airdates / times via the TV Maze API on the fly.

To facilitate CRUD around TV show names, I created an incredibly simple flat file API using a single PHP file (storing to a JSON file).

More to come!

I have many more projects and am currently working on adding them to this page. Check back soon! For now, check out the Writing section of my website to see some other small projects.